Dooring risk next to fast traffic

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Added by BikeWalkUBC on 2014-12-02

On SW Marine Drive on the east side, nw of camosun st, the bike-lane protected parking spaces has no buffer and present a dooring risk.

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Samuel Lai 2015-04-20 17:13

The issue involves a section of the S.W. Marine Dr. West of Camosun St. and east of Kullahun Dr. where the hard shoulder is regularly occupied by parked cars along its entire length. There are no signs prohibiting parking within this section of highway. This is where vehicles in motion increase speed from 50 kph to 80 kph and any vehicles driving into and out of the hard shoulder dangerously interfere with highway traffic. The cause I've heard is the prohibitively expensive parking rates in U.B.C.; drivers park and ride the bus into campus from one of two bus stops each located at either end of the section I've identified.

The bike lane that is the hard shoulder is also dangerously blocked or narrowed by the offending parked cars. The movement of such vehicles to and from the hard shoulder plus the opening of car doors is a safety hazard to cyclists.

I propose prohibiting parking along the entire length of this hard shoulder for it is not proper nor fair use of the feature. Only vehicles with mechanical problems should be allowed to pull over into the said area.

I recall clearly this problem started shortly after Translink added a stop at Kullahun Dr. on this side of S.W. Marine Dr. It is because of this redundant stop that has drivers using the section of shoulder as a park n' ride.

I've contacted Translink about this because I don't agree there should ever be a bus stop at Kullahun Dr. on the north side of S.W. Marine Dr. due to the fact it is already into highway territory which is road that is west of Camosun St.

I've contacted Translink's Les Wall, one of the engineers, and he's hesitant to make any effort to address the problem refusing to acknowledge there's a problem at all. I've wondered if he's disinterested simply because it doesn't benefit his pay to do more work.

Then I've also contacted Maziar Kazemi, the District Services Manager of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Lower Mainland District, but he's just as unwilling.

After that I've forwarded my views to the Southlands Residents' Association and I've yet to see if anyone there cares too.

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