Chancellor Place along Chancellor sidewalk

Added on 2015-01-28
2 children take this route including of yours

Going to UHill we dismount at the end of Iona Dr, walk the bike across Iona Dr and along the Wesbrook Mall sidewalk to the pedestrian crossing. There we wait for someone to yield and cross. There are no curb cutouts and it's difficult for the kid to lift the bike up. Then we follow Wesbrook Crescent and gain the sidewalk on Chancellor Dr. We ride on the sidewalk (I sometimes ride on the road and the kid stays on the sidewalk so that I can scout out all the driveways), cross side streets and gain the pathway east of Acadia. Then we take the light across, and sometimes ride on the sidewalk along Hambler, sometimes ride on the road. Depending on how crazy the road or the sidewalk is.

UHill Elementary
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