Acadia along Acadia Rd

Added on 2015-02-04
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Acadia Road to Chancellor Blvd to U-Hill

UHill Elementary
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Alejandro Cervantes 2015-02-10 23:54

The intersection of Acadia and University Blvd is difficult to cross when riding on the Acadia and going North. There is no bike lane on Acadia road, and generally cars are parked on the east side of the street which makes it difficult to transit, especially in the mornings when there are multiple cars in both directions. In the afternoon the route feels much safer with less traffic and no cars parked on the West side of the street. When turning East on Chancellor Blvd, the sidewalk is not well maintained and has a strange incline that makes it dangerous for the younger/inexperienced cyclists. Crossing Chancellor Blvd. to get to the school can be chaotic in the mornings: pedestrians, cyclists, and cars form a bottle neck outside of the school (Hambler Rd.).