Acadia Park to Uhill

Added on 2015-02-11
7 children take this route including of yours

I have found this to be the safest route from Acadia Park to UHill. Only two road crossings - both not pleasant and the University BLVD one in particular needing some safe option.

UHill Elementary
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Oliver Lane 2015-02-19 12:10

On this route, there are issues both at the Univ. Boulevard crossing (no marked crossing) and at the crossing on Chancellor. The one that worries me the most is the one on Univ. Boulevard as cars are coming round the corner fast from UBC or speeding from Blanca street. Some cars do stop to let us cross but even that is dangerous because cars behind them and even bikes coming down the bike lanes might not stop in time and generate a collision. I've seen a couple of close calls this year already.

Unknown person

DEREK DOHERTY 2015-02-17 10:39

Please make the Chancellor BLVD crossing safer for our children.